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For starters, I couldn’t wait to shoot Olivea’s senior pictures because she is so natural in front of the camera. She drove to Fort Wayne for a little change of scenery and boy…did we have an adventure. We started at this beautiful brick and cement wall then made our way around the block to a gate and some walls with vines and leaves and then ended with graffiti walls downtown. Before we could leave downtown though, we found ourselves in a big pickle…I locked my keys in my car and Olivea lost her phone. Long story short, we managed to get my spare key out of my sister’s car and Olivea’s phone was in my car.

We made this a two-day shoot, so the next evening we went to this beautiful sunflower field in Star City. These turned out to be my favorite pictures. The lighting, the flowers, and Olivea were all awesome that night. She came with a lot of great ideas, some of them being the sunflower fields and incorporating paint. Something she really enjoys is painting so she wanted to paint herself.

One of the more eventful shoots I’ve ever done, but everything worked out and the pictures turned out great. We made some good family memories and we’ll look back at this and laugh!