Dominican Republic | Day 3


February 11, 2016

Second day of clinic today and we saw 127 patients. Woohoo! It's amazing how many people have been served and healed during this trip. I can't be more thankful to have been given this opportunity and to have met so many awesome people.

The clinic is basically the same every day, we just have new patients or some that come again. Today after lunch, Rachel, Moises, and I took a taxi to the city dump. Our first taxi in the Dominican and I expected a beat down taxi like in NYC. No, this was a tinted window, seven seater taxi van. It was nicer than the ones in NYC or Chicago. But the dump sounds glamorous right? It was actually pretty cool and HUGE. They have a police man at the opening gate (who carries a rifle on his shoulder) to let people enter. And then they have another near the actual dump. The policeman here are rare to see but when you do see them, they are dress like military men.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to go fully into the dump and walk the trail because 30 minutes earlier it had downpoured so it was to muddy. Right when we got out, Rachel found puppies with their mother and some other strays (ps-stray/street dogs and cats are literally on every street and it is SO SAD). So we took a lot of photos of them. Then we walked around a little and explored. There were a few dogs running around as well as a cow. It was very strange to see a cow just roaming around.

We spend maybe 25 minutes, maybe even less, at the dump because you can only take so many photos of piled trash, but it was definitely a sight! The taxi was about to leave with us in it until we saw a man riding on a donkey. I've been told that donkeys are basically extinct in the Dominican so it is very rare to see those. Our taxi driver knew we were photographers so he kindly let us get out to chase after the man on the donkey. Everyone at the dump were hootin' and hollerin' because we were chasing him with our cameras.

Back at the clinic, we closed down at 2, like everyday and then drove back to the hotel to rest before dinner.

Dinner was at a really nice restaurant called, La Parilla, in downtown Santiago. It was outside and realllllly good. I was introduced to a drink called fresca's, basically an icee, and it was so refreshing and addicting. Once dinner was done, we went back to the hotel to rest up for day 4.

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