Dominican Republic | Day 4


February 12, 2016

At the clinic today, we saw a lot of patients, and Rachel and I kind of stayed around to help. We had already walked around the barrio and toured a little bit of the other areas so there wasn't much left that we could take pictures of. We roamed the side street for a little bit but didn't go too far.

The exciting stuff happened later that night after clinic was over. We came back to a huge parade on the street because the president was in town. When I say huge, I mean hundreds of people and cars decked out in purple with flags waving and people screaming. The music was blasting from left and right. There was no way anyone could take a nap, yet I managed to be that tired and fell asleep for about 20 minutes while FaceTiming my mom. After I woke up 5 minutes before we had to be at dinner, Rachel and I headed up.

Dinner was at the hotel, where this famous Mexican artist, Jose Jose (the Mexican Frank Sinatra), was having his birthday party so all the staff was excited and anxious to serve at the party. Dinner was delicious, as always.

We traveled back to Cienfuegos where we were attending a information/church service on hearts and diabetes. Dr. Ramos, a doctor, spoke to a church full on people wanting to learn about health and diabetes, in Spanish. Not good for me because I know very little Spanish. I'm sure it was very informative but I couldn't understand barely anything. 2 little girls and a boy came and sat next to me the whole service and they were just the cutest. They were also talking to me in Spanish and all I could do was smile because they were so hard to understand.

It was a great day but our second to last day...the trip has gone by so fast!