Dominican Republic | Day 5


February 13, 2016

Last clinic day *tear.*

What a hectic day it was. We were short translators and some help so we all had to put our butts in gear for the last day.

Rachel and I traded our cameras for pills and were pharmacists for the day because they had a lack of help since the high school volunteers weren't coming. All week I had felt kind of useless because everyone had enough help so I couldn't really do anything but take pictures and watch others working. This last day really made up for that.

Patients were feisty all day demanding more medicine than they needed because they knew we would have a lot left over. Little do they know, the leftover meds go to a new location where Barnabas Task sets up a new clinic for the May team.

After tear down, we drove to the new location to drop off the medicines and then went back to the hotel.

Our plans for the evening were to go to a children's foster home to play and eat dinner with 13 adorable kids. Definitely no other way I would've wanted to end the trip.