SBxFW Instameet

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January 16, 2017

I haven't picked up my camera since November when Taylor and I ventured to Tennessee and boy did I miss it. I forgot what it was like to just pick up a camera and go shoot. I need to do this more often because it was so refreshing and a lot of fun!

However, it wasn't exactly my idea to just go and shoot. I have to thank Iger's Fort Wayne for putting on these Instameets because it really is something to be around such creative and talented photographers. This Instameet consisted of Fort Wayne creatives and South Bend creatives. Not only do you get to meet other amazing talent, you get to connect and share images with them. I love getting feedback from photos I have taken and I love seeing how photos of myself turn out.

All of these photos were taken at the Fort Wayne Botanical Conservatory. I had never been here before this but it was so cool and absolutely beautiful. We have a desert and rainforest right here in Fort Wayne and I had no idea! Thank you to all my models who may or may not have known I was taking their photo, haha!

To see photos from these talented creatives I got to shoot with this past Saturday, search #SBxFW on Instagram! Also, you don't have to be a photographer to get in on this action. To find out when Instameets are just follow Igers Fort Wayne on Insta.

To download photos of yourself, visit my Pixieset, but please photo credit Teah Rushing or Teah Rushing Photography if you repost, thanks!