Courtney + Brandon


Courtney is my best friend's sister and friend, so how could I pass being her wedding photographer? We have lots of memories at their apartment during college, right? haha. I also happened to meet Brandon at the very early stages of them dating so I'm so glad I was there to capture Court and Brandon's wedding day. Probably one of the smallest weddings I have ever shot, but I honestly loved it! It was beautiful and intimate with close family there to watch it all.

With the cutest flower girls (and boys) walking before the bride, I got to capture Brandon's huge grin watching Courtney walk down the aisle. One of my favorite photos from the day, hands down. Another favorite was their daughter, Nolan, being held by her grandpa during the ceremony, so sweet.

Take a look below at some of my favorite shots from their day, be prepared...I have a lot of favorites!

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