Indiana State Fair


August 13, 2017

Today was full of walking, heat, family, and fried food. My family and I have never visited the state fair before so we decided to make a trip to the fairgrounds. Luckily, I won 4 free fair tickets from work so, thank you work!

The fair was huge to say the least. There were so many food stands I didn't even know which one to eat from. I had gone in with the mind set to get a giant corndog and it did not disappoint. It was so large and filling I barely had room for dessert. It also didn't help that my mom got a huge bucket-o-fries that we all shared.

Obviously, we all ended up making room for dessert because how could you go to the fair and not get ice cream, an elephant ear, and fried oreos?

The fair is August 4-20 and there are so many events each day that go on. Before you go, make sure to look up events so you don't miss anything fun! We got to see dogs jump extraordinary lengths into a pool (super cool!), my sister did the "Ride the bull for 8 seconds to win $200" (didn't win, haha) and there was a lot of entertainment as well, including line dancing and music on the free stage.

All in all, we had a great yet exhausting time, seeing all the vendors, rides, shows, and eating our hearts out. They didn't call it "The Wonderful World of Food" for nothin'!