Rita + James Engagement


August 5, 2017

What a fun day Saturday it was! I'm super excited to blog about this today because one of my closest friend got ENGAGED, yay!!! Rita and James have been dating for 4 1/2 years and I'm proud to say that I play a huge part in how they met, haha.

Rita was actually the first friend I made because we were college roommates my first 2 years at IPFW. I forget where Rita first laid eyes on James but I do remember she thought he was super cute and would be all giddy when talking about him. I basically made her Twitter direct message him and the rest is history.

The engagement is quite the story. I drove up to Fort Wayne the morning of and headed to Goshen with our friend, Monica. Monica had been texting Rita's niece all day with play by play's of what they were doing because what a way to ruin the surprise if she saw us driving! We got to Rita's house to set the balloons up while Rita was at the store with her niece. James bought balloons that said "Marry Me?" Huge, gold helium balloons (that BARELY fit in my backseat). The whole drive we were like "aw, these are gonna be SO cute for pictures!"

Something was bound to happen right? As Rita's family was setting the balloons up with the bricks, we realized Party City forgot to give us the "A"....so now it says "M rry Me?" But one letter missing just wasn't enough. The letters were all set up and the "Y" decides to go with the wind off the string. So it's minutes before Rita shows up and we are missing 2 very important letters. James was now asking, Rita "M rr Me". A story to remember forever.

That didn't ruin the surprise though. Rita was surprised/happy that she cried when she walked to her backyard which then made me tear up. The one thing Rita requested was that her family was there so that was special for them too. What James proposed was so sweet and sincere. I've never had one of my close friends get engaged before but It was seriously the cutest and I can't wait for the many engagements to come!

Congrats you guys!

For a throwback, I took photos of the newly engaged Fall of 2014 that you can check out here!