September 2, 2018

Meet Roman. He’s one of my very close friends’ youngest brother. I’ve known Roman for about 7 years now, (I think I did the math right) and I cannot believe he’s a senior already! It was only fitting that I took his senior photos. If you follow along with my blogs/photography, you already know that I have shot Dagny before and their other brother, Zen’s senior photos as well.

Roman is a senior at WCHS and a huge soccer fanatic. I’m glad Dagny and her boyfriend, David, could tag along for this session. They did a great job of getting him to loosen up and laugh. Most of the shoot consisted of walking through the streets and alleys of “downtown.” I’ve shot downtown before but never noticed some of the locations we shot at. Actually most of the locations we went I had never shot before so I’m glad we just walked around without a plan. Some of these photos turned out to be my favorites.

After spending about an hour downtown, we went to the high school to shoot some soccer photos. Soccer is and has always been a huge part of Roman’s life so I wanted to capture him in his element.

I think we had a fun session and the perfect weather really topped the day off. I’m excited to see where the future takes Roman! Good luck with the rest of your senior year, it goes quick!