The Clevenger's

September 30, 2018

What a day with the Clevenger’s! The Clevenger’s include Courtney and Brandon, Bailey and Johnathan, Ashton and D’Andre, and Lori and Steve. You might have seen some familiar faces if you’ve followed along with my photography. I photographed Courtney and Brandon’s wedding last year and Ashton and D’Andre’s couple photos last fall. We’ve been in talks about doing a family session since last year and we finally found time to do it! Due to everyone’s crazy schedules, we haven’t been able to shoot it until now.

We planned on shooting the family photos on Steve’s farm. This place is where all the girls grew up and where Steve continues to farm. Everyone in the family lives pretty close to the farm in Lynn except Ashton. Ashton and D’Andre live in Indy, so I rode with Ashton and D’Andre from Indianapolis to the Clevenger farm. The farm had multiple spots to shoot some great photos!

Up first were individuals of the kids, Em, Asher, Rex, and Nolan. They all were super natural in front of the camera. With the help of the adults, I got some cute shots of them.

We then moved on to the Bible’s family photos. I photographed the 3 kids first, Em, Asher, and Nolan. I had met Em and Asher once previously at their wedding and they just welcomed Nolan into the world a little over a year ago. They are such fun kids and so darn cute. This was the first time I’ve worked with a baby before during a session but she was pretty good the whole day (minus a few tantrums, haha.) I took some photos of the three kids and then we brought in the parents. They’re such a cute little fun family!

Once I finished up with the Bible’s, it was Ashton and D’Andre’s turn. Some of you may not know but Ashton and I went to college together and still remain best friends. So having D’Andre and Ash back in the front of the lens was super comfortable for all of us (at least for me…) D’Andre sure knows how to work a camera. He’ll just start making funny faces and dancing, which result in great photos that really show their personality as a couple. I’m sure I’ll be shooting them for years to come :).

Bailey and Jonathan haven’t been in front of my lens before (other than at the Bible’s wedding). But I did attend their wedding in 2016 and let me tell you, they know how to partaaay. It was such a fun reception. They were fun to shoot because I would tell them to nuzzle or kiss and they’d be like, “Teah, we don’t ever do this!” Jokingly of course, but hey…marriage, haha. I took some shots of them together and then we added in Rex, who Bailey spends a lot of time with. He was camera shy so I had Bailey and Jonathan try to loosen him up a bit.

Last up…Steve and Lori, the ones who started it all and created this crazy family (I’m allowed to say that right?) Once I finished up with those two, I gathered the whole family in front of the barn. This is a staple on their land and everyone in Lynn knows who’s it is. It has all five of their names on it, big and bold! I think it served as a great backdrop for their family photos. I got some great photos of the whole group and some adorable ones of the grandkids with the grandparents.

Can’t wait to hopefully capture some more of your memories in the years to come!