July 24-29, 2018

Another workation in the books! This was my first time to Colorado and I already can't wait to go back on my own time. My company attends the Outdoor Retailer show, the largest outdoor sports expo and conference. This year, in Denver! We have a booth every year along with the best in the outdoor business. As a designer, I was able to attend the show and see graphics I did for the booth and also see our competitors graphics. The show was full of lots of awesome outdoor products from shoes, camp food, camping gear, clothes, etc.

The show had a lot of outstanding products and giveaways but something even greater happened at the show....I met 3 former Bachelor/ette contestants! Now, for most people at the show, these individuals are just regular people wandering the show like anybody else. But for me, it was very, very exciting because they are "celebrities", if you will, in Bachelor Nation. Sarah Heron, Ben Higgins, and Blake Horstmann were all in attendance at the show and I got to meet and small talk with all three of them! It was quite the experience for me and it made the trip so much more. My co-workers, who aren't a part of Bachelor Nation, did not understand at all, haha.

Even though I was there for work, we thankfully get the evenings to ourself so some of my co-workers and I got to try yummy restaurants and explore the city a little bit. I have to rave about Sushi Sasa. Recommended by our company VP as the best sushi in Denver, it did not disappoint. It was one of the best meals of my life! I highly recommend to anyone visiting Denver. A few other faves were Denver Biscuit Company and Euclid Hall Bar.

Aside from the show, the company also takes some of the team on a camping trip to use our products in the real world. We drove north to Estes Park to camp for two nights. It rained a lot and there was even a storm that took out some of our campsites, but other than that it was a great experience with the company. On day 2, some of us went white water rafting and it was really fun! Some of the best views were on our drive to white river raft.

Later in the night, our videographer and I explored a new spot to take some photos and videos for work. While we were shooting, a very tall boy walked up and put his backpacking pack on the picnic table and started making his dinner, ramen noodles on a gas fire. We started some small talk with him that ended up being a very long chat session into the night. We got to know him a little bit and his adventure through the states. We asked him a lot of questions about his travels, Czech Republic, his future plans, etc. We also learned that he was hitchhiking from place to place and he was only 19 years old! He started in Chicago, where he attended a boy scout event, and had some extra days that he decided he would turn into a backpacking trip to Denver before catching a flight home. Running into him has really sparked my interest to actually backpack through Europe and go on my own adventure.

Overall, this trip was such a learning experience. I love the mountains and can't wait to go back to Colorado. There is just too much to see!

TravelTeah Rushing