I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list

It’s true, I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list. The list could go on and on when I think about all the places I still want to visit. Travel is something I NEED to do. It’s an escape from reality and an opportunity to see, experience, and grow.

Now, as most of the people in my life know, I love traveling (and concerts). But let’s rewind to my childhood…to terrified Teah. My family and close family friends can attest to this, I was absolutely terrified of everything from loud noises, traffic in the city, cities in general, crowds of people, strangers, bugs (let’s be honest, still am), and so many other things. I’m not sure where this fear of basically everything stemmed from but I am so, so happy I grew out of it.

I really broke out of my shell about a month or so into college (that first month of college was a rough one for many reasons). But before college, I had never been away from home before, not even to a week long summer camp. Being away from everything I knew was terrifying but also exhilarating. I was filled with thoughts of “I’m finally out of my small town and get to meet new people” but also “I want to go home to be with my family and close friends.” Leaving that was really hard but ultimately I am so happy I did.

Of course, my friends from high school and sister came to visit me at college. I was only a 2 hour drive away, so it wasn’t hard to visit home either. I did go home most of the weekends my first year. That is until I really started getting comfortable being away. They say you make your best friends in college and I truly believe that after accumulating the greatest friends I did not even ask for! Life-longers for sure! College really helped me realize that there is so much more to life than the life you grew up knowing. College was a stepping stone to a more adventurous life.

So the whole point of this post was that I use to basically be terrified of life and everything that came with it to now wanting to travel the world and experience culture, people, and food while also taking some photos along the way. I don’t travel near as much as I want or wish to but I try to every chance I get. Why isn’t unlimited PTO a thing again? If I had it my way, I would be a travel blogger taking over the world…..everyone’s dream job, right? However, I am lucky to have a job that allow some travel around the states and an occasional overseas venture.

But in my daily life, I’m constantly thinking of the next adventure and have an ongoing savings to fund my travels because it’s THAT important to me. So here’s to all the place I’ve never been but hope to visit soon.

you weren’t born to just pay the bills and die.

Below are photos of some favorite places and trips I’ve taken over the years with some fun typography.

Summer 2014. Paris, France. Palace of Versailles.

Summer 2014. London, UK. Big Ben.

Summer 2014. Naples, Italy. Pompeii.

August 2018. Dublin, Ireland. City Center.

August 2018. Kilkenny, Ireland.

Summer 2014. Pisa, Italy, Piazza dei Miracoli.

Summer 2014. Lucerne, Switzerland.

Summer 2014. Florence, Italy. The Duomo.

Summer 2014. Capri, Italy.

Summer 2014. Rome, Italy. Colosseum.

August 2018. Bushmills, County Antrim, Ireland. Giant’s Causeway.

August 2018. Liscannor, County Clare, Ireland. Cliffs of Moher.

August 2016. Duke’s County, Massachusetts. Martha’s Vineyard.

September 2018. Portland, Oregon.

March 2016. San Diego, California.

July 2018. Estes Park, Colorado.

June 2017. Redwood National Park, California.

November 2017. Las Vegas, Nevada. The Neon Museum.

March 2016. La Jolla, California. Seal Beach.

February 2016. Santiago De Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic.

May 2018. New York City, New York. The Met.

June 2017. Klamath Lake, Oregon. Upper Klamath Lake.

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