All Aboard The Nickel Plate Express

April 28, 2019

All aboard the Nickel Plate Express! Nickel Plate Express is a nonprofit based in northern Hamilton County - specifically in Cicero, Arcadia, and Atlanta.

I’ve been super interested in taking a n excursion on the Nickel Plate train since one of my close friends works with the company. They host a lot of events on the weekends and the train runs from April-September. Depending on the weekend, with holidays and such, they have themed rides.

This particular excursion was called the Sugar Express. Nickel Plate and other local companies will partner up with local businesses to serve passengers goodies ranging from little treats to actual meals. On our train, we were treated to delicious sugary treats, all included with the ticket purchase. Drinks are an additional cost for passengers. To see their excursion schedule, click here.

I thought it was so cool to ride the 1956 train through the small towns. Each train car is different too. We were first in one car with just seats and some seat/table combinations but then we moved to the dining car that had the kitchen/bar area and tables.

Thanks Nickel Plate for hosting such a fun afternoon activity. Highly suggest this for a date night, friend hangout, or family night! It’s fun for all ages!

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