Indianapolis Motor Speedway


June 27, 2019

My friend, Karina, and I got to experience IMS like nobody else that I know. Chantel, a childhood friend, works in ticket sales at IMS and was able to give us this awesome, private tour of the speedway with no distractions. Although we don’t follow racing like most people who associate with the IMS, it was still an awesome tour! We started our tour in the back of the administration building. made our way to the penthouses, to all the turns and lawn seats, gasoline alley, the museum, the pagoda, and the track!

This was the first time I had ever been in the speedway and I was in complete shock at how huge it is. If you google, “what all can fit in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway”, you will understand just how huge it is. For example, all of the following can fit in IMS simultaneously: The Rose Bowl, Roman Colosseum, Churchill Downs, The White House, The Taj Mahal, Yankee Stadium, Vatican City, and Liberty Island. INSANITY!

As we were being shown gasoline alley, which is where all the cars get worked on and where they enter the track, we saw a security guard who stopped by us to see what was going on. Chantel had all permissions to give us this tour, so he was fine with it knowing that she is an employee. He was even nice enough to let us in the pagoda and give us a fast ride on the track, which was not part of the original plan since Chantel doesn’t have that access.

The pagoda holds all the suites, the security and technical stuff, and also where network TV broadcasters sit, like NBC. We were able to get in the winner’s circle and take a fun picture where all the winner’s take theirs. On our way out to winner’s circle is a wall with famous peoples’ signatures, which was cool to see. After we left the pagoda, the security guy offered to give us a ride on the track. It was so cool being able to go 90 mph without worrying about cops, haha! 90 mph felt pretty fast compared to the average highway driving. I can’t even imagine going 240 mph like the racers!

Thanks Chantel for the awesome and exclusive tour…it was awesome! If you need tickets to any events at the speedway, make sure to get ahold of her!