Martha's Vineyard


August 1, 2016

My best friend's and I have made yearly trips to Cambridge, Massachusetts to visit our best friend from college. Every time we come, we do something different. Last year we went to New York City for the day, this year we went to Martha's Vineyard. I have been wanting to visit the island ever since we mentioned it last year and what a beautiful place it is! It was full of friendly people, colorful cottages, sailboats, delicious seafood restaurants, and tons of ice cream shops and boutiques. I wouldn't mind living here one bit.

To get to the island, we had an hour and a half drive and about a 45 minute ferry ride. We also had to park offsite and take shuttle to the ferry. Once we got to the island we rented 4 bikes where we met this character of a guy named King. He is from Jamaica and he was extremely nice. He even gave us baskets for free (when they were suppose to charge $10 each). We rode about 3 miles to the quaint little town of Oak Bluffs. Once we arrived there we came across the cutest cottages I have ever seen in my life. They looked like they were out of a movie.

After we rode around the cottages for a little bit, we parked our bikes so we could go shopping. There were a bunch of boutiques and gift shops along all the streets. After shopping and what not, we decided to just ride around the town and along the coast before we had to turn our bikes back in. It was really nice and relaxing just taking in the ocean on the left and the cottages and parks on the right. Once we finished cruising around, we finally went to eat (favorite part of any vacation). We went to a place called Martha's Vineyard Chowder Co., famous for their clam chowder and lobster rolls. We sat outside, 4 in a row, with a view of the streets and people. People watching was in full effect.

This whole trip I have wanted to try a lobster roll because 1. I've never had one and 2. where else will I find the best lobster other than the east coast? Boy, it did not disappoint. It was delicious. Totally worth the money. And for dessert? Homemade ice cream at this little shop down the street. 8 o'clock rolls around and we are sitting watching the sunset over the ocean waiting for our ferry to arrive.

It was a beautiful day.